Trainer Outline – Technology Boot Camp

Use or adapt this outline to offer your own Technology Boot Camp workshop.


Handout: Technology Proficiency Checklist

Activity option #1: Stuff we know and don’t know about technology

Technology Warm Up (Objective: Self Assessment)
Have Technology Proficiency Checklist at each seat
Write the instructions on a flip chart:

  1. Using the Technology Proficiency Checklist Handout, check off the proficiencies that you know
  2. Then, write on a post-it note one thing that you don’t know
  3. Put the post-it note up on whiteboard or wall
  4. Have a look at all the post-it notes,
  5. If you know how to do something, take the post-it note

After introduction, have folks explain/demonstrate the skill on the post-it note they took.

Activity option #2: Share tough questions-put answers on white board

Name some of the types of tech questions that stump you
Discuss: Now let’s talk about why they stump you. Talk about reasons why they stump you. Afraid? Unfamiliar?

Activity option #3: Share tech questions anonymously

Maybe have a few set examples of skills to learn, but take requests from the class. It could be a “secret” request, like have them write the skills on a piece of paper and drop in a basket, so no one else to know.  Draw from basket and read request to class. Ask if there is someone from the class who can explain/demonstrate the skill. Have students follow along on their computers.

Overview of Program and/or Web Interfaces

Select a specific program or web page to use as an example, or have someone suggest one from the class. Go over the basic layout, and explain that most programs (or websites) have a similar layout. Important points to hit on are:

Help page/menu
Contact us, etc.

If you have time, use one program and one web site as an example. Then have people test these navigation tools for themselves

Cloud Computing/Web 2.0/Software Play & Learn

Write on board:

How to learn a new application or online tool:

  1. Play – approach the learning as you would a game
  2. Take risks – click any button
  3. Cheat – find the tutorials. Ask a friend or colleague for help
  4. Problem-solve
  5. Keep trying!

What you need to do:

  1. Determine what the application is meant to do
  2. Sign-up if required
  3. Explore, experiment, try a few things…
  4. Consider how you would use this tool for your own learning or management of your own resources
  5. Consider how you might use the application in your library
  6. How does this tool/application facilitate connection, conversation and/or collaboration?

Handout: Cloud Computing/Web 2.0 Play & Learn – Evaluation Sheet

Activity:  Lead class through first couple of resources then have them explore on their own for 20 minutes by picking a few things from this list. Have each student (time allowing) share one of the sites they explored with the class.

Security Issues

Open discussion on security issues including viruses, malware, spam, phishing, etc. Have participants fuel the discussion with questions, and have participants answer. Possibly use websites and videos in answer to these questions.

Computer Viruses and Threats (Common Craft)
How to Install Antivirus Software – for Beginners (LifeHacker)
Computer Security (How Stuff Works)

Websites to use for videos and tutorials: for patron/staff training

Demonstrate websites and explain their value regarding patron instruction and staff training. Have students explore sites, finding answer to tech question they may have or any left from the Icebreaker Activity.

Handout: Incorporate handout, Technology Resource Scavenger Hunt, into site exploration.

GCF LearnFree
Digital Literacy
In Pictures


Include homework at the end of class for students so that they have to follow-up on what was learned.