Digital Literacy

What is Digital Literacy? It’s the ability to use digital technology to locate, evaluate, use, and create information. In today’s 21st century digital economy, libraries play a critical role in providing access to high-speed internet and training to help more Americans become digitally literate, and to compete in today’s workforce.

Use the Digital Literacy Continuum (PDF) to assess where you, your team or your community are with digital literacy and check out these resources to help train both staff and your patrons.

The following graphic was created by the Colorado State Library to show how important digital literacy is for our communities. It can be used by public libraries for marketing and advocacy.

Sample Infographic: Benefits of a Digitally Literate Community (PDF)

Broadband Planning and E-rate for Libraries: Enough Is Never Enough

WebJunction has a great article and webinar all about broadband and applying for discounts through E-rate.

Colorado Public Library Technology Standards

Libraries utilize technology to support the missions, visions, and goals of their organizations, resulting in well-informed decisions and efficient, effective library operations and services.

Online Technology Training for Staff








Individual online modules staff can view anytime to learn more about working with the public and technology.


Digital Literacy for Everyone

Looking for ways to get you and your staff up to speed? This webinar provides tips and tools for staff technology training.

Restarting your Relationship with your IT Department (and Vice Versa)

An informative and lighthearted session about bridging the communication gap between IT and library staff, so that we all can collaborate and innovate as a team.

Geek is the New Chic: Engaging teens in libraries with technology

As a follow-up to Teen Tech Week, join this interactive CSL In Session to discuss your successes and failures, hear about initiatives from other libraries, talk about ways to extend lessons learned during Teen Tech Week into Summer Reading and beyond, and learn how to get creative with securing funding for these initiatives.

Managing Library Technology: Keeping All the Balls in the Air

Regardless of your job title, and whether working with a small team or a library-wide technology committee, anyone can learn smart practices to keep everything, and everyone, in motion and on target.

You Can Do I.T.! How to Empower Library Staff with Basic Tech Management Skills

The library field relies heavily on technology, but few front-line staff receive training in basic I.T. concepts that can build confidence when managing public access computer and working with patrons. We will share our approaches to I.T. training to engage different learning styles, free and adaptable resources, and lessons learned from hands-on experience in the field.

Building a Positive Social Media Presence

This course provides guidelines for what should and should not be shared online, how to build social capital and how to put your best foot forward when using social media. (Note: You will need a free WebJunction login to view.)

Staff Tech Training Curriculum

Library staff need the skills and knowledge to assist customers one on one with technology questions and provide classroom based technology instruction. Staff training workshops can help make staff more competent and confident when it comes to technology assistance and instruction. Our curriculum can get you started!

Tech Training for the Public

Lesson plans, outlines, handouts, and activities are available for a wide variety of technology topics.

Other Resources for Technology Training