Soft Circuit Guide and Project

Fun e-Textile oriented guide and additional projects to get you started in the fun world of sewable electronics. The guide outlines each concept with a simple project that students can complete to learn the concept. The Soft Circuits guide is the perfect place for beginners to learn the basics of e-textiles.

Concepts that will be covered include:

  • Soft Circuits and what they are
  • Trouble shooting Soft Circuits
  • A simple soft circuit switch
  • Other types of switches
  • Parallel circuits
  • Microcontrollers

Soft Circuit Guide (PDF)

Plush Monster Project (PDF)

The Soft Circuits guide was written by Emily Lovell at the High – Low Tech research group at M.I.T. Media Labs.

The Plush Monsters were developed by Emily Lovell, Jie Qi, and Natalie Freed at the High – Low Tech research and the Personal Robots groups at M.I.T. Media Labs.

Courtesy of SparkFun