Online Tech Training for Staff

Library staff need the skills and knowledge to assist customers one on one with technology questions, and provide classroom based technology instruction. These short modules can help get staff up to speed and feeling more confident when it comes to technology assistance and instruction. If you never made it to one of our public computer center staff trainings, these modules are the next best thing.

1. Use a Technology Reference Interview

Learning objectives: Apply the reference interview to technology related questions, and gain confidence in answering those questions.

2. Proficiency with Technology

Learning objectives: Assess current level of technology knowledge, and use a list of proficiencies as a plan for learning.

3. Find Answers

Learning objectives: Become familiar with effective technology resources and tutorials, and create your own resources for common questions.

4. Tech Training Tips

Learning objectives: Use effective training techniques when working with patrons, in both impromptu and scheduled situations.

5. Dealing with Sticky Situations

Learning objectives: Use a three-step process for dealing with challenging patron situations in a positive way.

6. Evaluating Information

Learning Objectives: Consider authority, accuracy, objectivity, and currency when critically evaluating information.

7. How Adults Learn

Learning Objectives: Adjust training techniques to accommodate the specific needs of adults.

8. Design a Class

Learning Objectives: Use effective class preparation techniques and promote active learning in a classroom setting.