“Anyone working in a library today … knows that we are so much more than just books. Libraries are places of community engagement. Recently many libraries have begun to develop spaces for design and activities that both teach and empower patrons. The learning in these spaces varies wildly–from home bicycle repair, to using 3D printers, to building model airplanes. Fittingly, they are called makerspaces.”

Setting Up your Makerspace for Success Webinar

Incorporating new technology such as 3D printers in libraries can bring unique risks and challenges, but designing makerspaces to focus on access and education can help reduce risk to your library while increasing benefits to your community.


Free tools

Examples of Library Programming

Creative Programming

Looking for ideas about maker activities? Have a makerspace or maker equipment and don’t know where to start? Get ideas here!


Ideas and opportunities for funding your library’s makerspace.

Digital Creation Software

A list of possible software for your digital creation/makerspace, along with a potential Digital Creation Station for under $3000.

3D Printing 101

All about 3D printing, printers, modelling, scanners, and more.


Do you wish to expand your STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) programming but not sure how to move forward? View the archive of our Partners for STEAM in Libraries CSL in Session webinar!

Makerspaces in Education

Teacher librarians interested in makerspaces should check this out!