LilyPad In-Depth

Sewing circuits using conductive thread, batteries, switches and light emitting diodes. Also learn how to sew microcontrollers, sensors and how to apply these concepts to other outputs.

Learn about conductivity, Ohm’s law and batteries while sewing some sweet circuits into your shirt, teddy bear or backpack. Also learn how to create circuits that use a LilyPad microcontroller and what you need to program your microcontroller to react to input and provide output.

Concepts that will be covered include:

  • How do you sew electrical circuits into fabric?
  • What is a circuit with components in series, what is a circuit with components in parallel?
  • How do you connect a LilyPad microcontroller to your project?
  • How do you program a LilyPad microcontroller so it reacts to input and provides output the way you want you would like? *How to use the Serial Monitor to debug, trouble shoot and display basic information.
  • How do you make your own conductive fabric sensors?

Textiles Presentation (PPT)

Advanced Arduino and Electronics Presentation (PPT)

LilyPad in Depth by Troy Nachtigall

Courtesy of SparkFun