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Participant Requirements for Successful Supervision 2021

The Colorado State Library is working with Pat Wagner to revamp offer our popular Successful Supervision workshop for Colorado library staff currently working in a supervisory position!

This unique experience will span 9 weeks starting on April 28, and be a blend of 6 live, online sessions, asynchronous videos, homework assignments, and reflection designed to help participants explore and practice crucial supervision concepts, models, and strategies. 

  • Applicants must be currently working as a supervisor in a Colorado library (Includes public, school, academic and special). 
  • Due to previous high demand, we are limiting this workshop to 1 staff member per library/organization.

Additional Participant Commitments

Attend all scheduled sessions

While there will be short videos to watch and a focus on personal reflection, the real meat of the workshop will happen during the live session discussions. We only have room for 20 participants this year, and we need to know participants have the time and capacity to fully participate.

Assignments and reflection

You will get out of Successful Supervision what you put into it. We scheduled Successful Supervision every other week so that you have time to review brief videos, complete short assignments, and reflect on what you have learned. Our goal is to give you opportunities to apply what you are learning each week. Please plan on 1 – 2 hours of homework each week in between live sessions.

Active participation in all live session discussion LinkedIn conversations. 

We love to say that no two people learn the exact same thing in any workshop, so your questions, reflections, and aha moments are critical to group learning. Be prepared to participate and share on LinkedIn and during the live sessions!

Ask questions! 

We want you to get out of successful supervision what you need. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information or clarification.


A key component of this workshop is networking with and learning from other participants. Each participant will be required to have a LinkedIn account and to join and participate in the Successful Supervision LinkedIn group. 

Technical Requirements

We will be using GoToMeeting for the live sessions. This meeting platform works best on a laptop vs mobile devices. Chromebooks should be tested thoroughly. 

A commitment to confidentiality. 

We want Successful Supervision to be a safe place to discuss real life supervision issues. Everything shared during sessions and online is to remain confidential.

Provide feedback

We want to know your needs are being met during this workshop. We will welcome feedback anytime during the workshop, and you will be required to fill out a survey at the end of the course.