Online Courses for Staff

New to the library? Our Getting Started with Library Customer Service course will provide a great introduction to customer service in the library setting.

More and more, library staff are assisting customers with technology questions, and are providing classroom-based technology instruction. The Online Tech Training for Staff course can help you get up to speed with technology training.

Access the courses:

Digital Creation

Looking to add a digital creation station in your library? Check out our list of digital creation software. Most software in the list is free!

Tech Training - Skills Checklists

Have what you need to be a great technology trainer? Let these checklists guide you.

Library Makerspaces

Wondering what all the hype is about with library makerspaces? Learn all about it with our library makerspace resources.

Tech Training - Train the Public

Are you planning a tech training program at your library? Find lessons plans, handouts,and other instructional materials on many technology topics.